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WE are a leading manufacturers of "Continuous Spirally Wound Finned Tubes."

Our MEI Brand Finned Tubes have Crimped fins which increases the overall heat transfer surface area. Quicker dissipation and higher heat-transfer co-efficient is obtained in Equipments fitted with our MEI Brand Finned Tubes.

Our Continuous Spiral Finned Tubes are made under high mechanical tension bonding process, in which fin material is helically wound over the tube to get maximum contact of tube and fin and only each Fins are brazed welded to core Tube. Therefore it achieves highest efficiency and withstands high internal pressure.

These are used for heat transfer i.e. cooling, heating of water, steam, air, gases, oils and many other vapours, fluids etc. These Tubes are used in Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Steam Radiators, Autoclaves, Condensers, Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces, Air Heaters,Oil Coolers, After Coolers, Air Compressors and in many other Heat Transfer Equipments. Our MEI Finned Tubes are widely used by Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Food, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Textile & several other Industries.

Technical Details

Tube - OD 8 mm to 65 mm
Fin - OD 21mm to 88 mm (Depends on the OD of the tube)
Fin Spacing - 2 to 10 Fins per Inch.

Materials of Construction

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass & Combination of these materials.

While sending enquiries please, furnish following details for enabling us to submit you a fare price quotation for exact and correct Finned Tubes required by you.

Tube - OD, Thickness, material
Fin - OD, number of fins per inch
Length - Total and Finned
Quantity - Required

FIN COILS (Only Fins)

We manufacture "Continuous Spiral Fins" ( without tube ) i.e. Finned Coils, especially for shaped or any other odd prefabricated shaped tubes. These are widely used for Industrial electric, Finned Air Heaters and Air Compressors Cooling Tubes. Heat Transfer Efficiency increases substantially because of continuous crimped fin design. These Finned Coils are made according to the OD of the tube with fractional differences ranging from 8 mm to 65 mm.


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